Construction Accidents

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Construction Accidents

Construction is one of the largest industries in California. As a high risk industry, it ranks third in the nation for injury caused deaths. For every 100,000 workers in the construction industry, 15 die due to job related injuries. Some construction site hazards that result in death or serious injury are:

-Scaffolding Accidents 
-Construction Site Falls 
-Machinery Accidents 
-Carbon Monoxide Poisoning 
-Forklift and Crane Accidents 
-Falling Construction Materials 
-Nail Gun Accidents 
-Pedestrian Injuries 
-Hazardous Gases and Materials 
-Welding, Cutting and Brazing Accidents

Despite stringent safety standards and regulations, New York construction workers face high risks of job injury every day. Employers, contractors, architects, manufacturers and property owners may be held liable for injuries or wrongful deaths sustained at a construction site.

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