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The Top Labor and Employment Issues Keeping Businesses and Employees Up at Night in 2021 and Beyond

The inauguration has passed, and the Biden administration has begun its work. It is a good time for businesses and employees to take stock of the labor and employment issues likely to assume prominence. Time to consider preparing to meet the challenges each of these issues posed in 2021 and beyond!
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Employment Law and Your Career: What Every Employee Needs to Know

When you work as an employee, you are in essence renting out your time. In exchange for a mutually agreed upon wage, the company you work for gets to use your talents, your ability, your experience, and your education.

Armed with these talents, the employer harnesses those abilities to boost their bottom line. You invest your time and efforts, and the company rewards you with the steady paycheck.

In the best of times, that agreement is mutually beneficial, and both parties are free to enjoy the fruits of their labor. But that balance is not always fair, and unethical employers may try to take advantage of the situation.

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You Have Rights as an Employee

That is where employment law comes into play. There are strict rules and governmental regulations in place to protect employees from discrimination, abuse and a host of other ills. If you think you have been the victim of an unethical employer, you owe it to yourself to fight back.

You have rights in the workplace, and protecting those rights is the job of the employment law attorneys. These talented men and women work hard to fight against employment discrimination, violations of the whistleblower laws and all manner of other abuses. It is the job of the workplace discrimination lawyer to protect your rights, but it is your job to know those rights.

Wrongful Termination

One of the most important parts of employment law is protection against wrongful termination. Being employed is a two-way street, and both parties have their own rights and responsibilities. Protecting those rights, and the employees in question, is what employment law is all about.

As an employee, you have a responsibility to work hard and provide value for your employer, but the company you work for has responsibilities as well. One of those responsibilities is treating all workers fairly, with no favoritism or illegal discipline.

That does not mean you cannot be terminated, or that you could lose your job through no fault of your own. Employers have the right to control their own workforces, and that means shedding workers to trim costs and for other reasons.

What employment law does protect against is illegal termination. If you have been terminated not because of your own misconduct or cost-cutting measures, you may have a case to pursue. If you feel you have been the victim of an illegal or unwarranted termination, contacting a workplace lawyer should be your first course of action.

Whistleblower Protections

In a perfect world, for-profit companies, nonprofit agencies and governmental organizations would operate in an ethical and fair manner, and there would be no need for whistleblower laws or the protections they provide. But in the real world, unethical behavior is all too common, and the protections of the whistleblower law are absolutely vital.

If the company or organization you work for is violating the law or acting in an unethical manner, you owe it to your community to do the right thing. Blowing the whistle on these illegal activities is not always easy, but having a workplace lawyer or wrongful termination lawyer in your corner could give you the courage and protection you need.

An experienced whistleblower attorney understands the applicable laws and protections, and they can provide the guidance you need to safeguard your position while still getting the word out about the nefarious activities of your employer. Armed with these protections, you can do the right thing, secure in the knowledge that your job is safe.

Illegal Discrimination

Getting a job can be difficult, and you have the right to a fair and level playing field. But sometimes employers tip the scales with illegal discrimination, favoring certain candidates based on the color of their skin, their religious face and other factors while failing to consider other applicants based on the same illegal criteria.

Employers have the right to be selective, picking and choosing their candidates based on their training, education and experience. What they may not do, however, is discriminate based on the age of the applicant, their racial background, their religious affiliation, their gender, their national origin or their disability status.

If you feel you were not considered for the position you want due to any of these factors, you may want to contact a workplace discrimination lawyer. Discrimination on all of these factors is against the law, and employers do not have the right to victimize applicants in this way.

Workplace Harassment

Once you have the job, you have the right to a safe and secure workplace, one that is free of workplace harassment and other physical and emotional dangers. It is important for all employers to take such harassment seriously, and to take steps to hold the perpetrators to account.

From supervisors asking for sexual favors in exchange for a promotion to bullying behavior on the part of coworkers, these actions all fall under the scope of workplace harassment, and you should not have to put up with these conditions. If you feel you have been victimized, contacting a workplace discrimination lawyer is the right thing to do.

Contacting a workplace harassment lawyer is not about revenge or getting rich; it is simply a matter of justice. You have the right to a fair and just workplace environment, and an experienced attorney can help you protect your rights.

Know Your Rights, Protect Your Rights

You have rights in the workplace, and protecting those rights is the job of the employment law lawyer. Whether you are fresh out of school or on the cusp of retirement, your employer does not have the right to discriminate against you, and your coworkers and supervisors are not allowed to subject you to harassment of any kind.

By contacting an employment law attorney, you can protect your rights, so you can continue providing your employer with the skills and experience they have asked for. You should not have to compromise your principles or put up with discrimination or harassment to make a living, and it is important to know your rights. And once you know your rights, the next step is protecting those rights with an experienced employment law attorney by your side.

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