Injuries To Children

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Injuries To Children

Playground Liability Accidents Attorneys

Figeroux & Associates are experienced playground accident attorneys. In recent years this area of the law has grown in large part due to an awareness by parents, teachers and attorneys that there are certain things a school system, municipality or private school can do to make the playgrounds where children play much safer without incurring an enormous expense or inhibiting the children to express themselves. Closer scrutiny has uncovered negligent design, maintenance and supervision of play that now, with the proper understanding and insight, can be reduced or avoided. However, children still get seriously injured in playground accidents, and often, school negligence is the root cause. Let the experienced lawyers at Figeroux & Associates discuss your child’s accident with you free of charge.

New York City School Liability Attorneys

Students get injured at school all the time. Many injuries happen through normal activities, sports and running, and it is no one’s fault, just simply part of growing up.

Then there is another category of injuries at school where, because of the negligence of the school administration or a particular teacher, a child is seriously injured, and that injury could have been avoided if proper care had been utilized at the time.

These accidents could involve a wide array of negligent acts, including failure to maintain the premises, failure to provide proper equipment or faulty equipment, failure to supervise activities and even during sports if there was something exceptionally wrong with some aspect of the field of play or equipment.

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Each case rests on its own facts and has to be evaluated with regard to its specific circumstances. Be aware that since the majority of school cases are against the New York City Public School System, there are very rigid notice of claim and statute of limitations requirements. Time is always of the essence in these matters.

New York City School Bus Accident Attorneys 

When we send our children off to school, we trust the school bus drivers will be qualified and trained. We trust that the school district will properly maintain its buses. We trust that all school personnel will adhere to safety regulations. When they fail to do so, the results can be tragic.

If your child has been injured in a school bus accident and you suspect negligence was the cause, the attorneys at Figeroux & Associates are here to help you explore your legal options. We are passionate advocates for injured children throughout the New York metropolitan area.

Contact us today online or by telephone at 1-855-768-8845 to speak with an experienced New York City school bus accident lawyer.

School Bus Accidents in New York
Our New York school transportation accident firm handles a wide range of school bus accidents for clients throughout the New York City area, including those involving:
•School bus traffic accidents involving other vehicles 
•Violence on school buses due to lack of supervision 
•Injuries sustained from slip-and-fall accidents on school buses 
•Cases of false imprisonment in which children are forced to remain on the bus for unreasonable amounts of time

Whether your child was injured in a school bus collision, by an assault from a school bully, in an accident on school bus steps or any other school bus accident, it is important to consult with an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Queens School Bus Injury Attorneys

Serving Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Staten Island and the NYC Metro Area
If your child has been injured in a school bus accident caused by the negligence or carelessness of another, our personal injury lawyers are here to help.

Contact us today online or by telephone at 1-855-768-8845 to speak with an experienced New York City school bus accident lawyer.

Set up your free evaluation with us today or refer a client!

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