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Workers’ Compensation: Things the Employees Need to Know

By Leon M. Kelly There are potential hazards associated with working in high-risk occupations (construction labor, heavy machinery operations, electrical powerline installation, etc.) that demand constant physical exertion and/or exposure to chemicals. In such occupations, workers often suffer injuries, have accidents, or become ill from diseases due to overexposure to harmful chemicals. Accidents, injuries, and […]

Your Brain Bounces Around in Your Skull in a Concussion—Preventable?

By Marilyn Silverman There is a frightening plethora of medical conditions that lurk just around the corner and can bombard you with devastating repercussions without any warning. It can be in your home, the street outside your home, your workplace, your car. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that to a degree they are preventable? […]

Important Information about Bed Sore Injury Cases

Long-term residents of nursing homes often fall prey to various complications related to a sedentary lifestyle. Their personal health status will often be the defining factor when activity and movement are considered by medical staff. Some of these living situations, however, are less than adequate. Neglect, unfortunately, is a common occurrence and can result in […]

Do You Understand Your Civil Rights? Have You Been Stopped And Frisked?

Under the NYC Human Rights Commission Law, everyone in New York City is protected based on their actual or perceived race, national origin, color, religion, age, alienage or citizenship status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, disability, or housing status.  Housing status is related to the kind of place you live—such as a private building, public housing, […]