5 Things you Should do Following a Car Accident

You were driving to work one morning when you become involved in a car accident. What do you do now?

A car accident can be an emotionally taxing and overwhelming experience. Knowing what to do in this unfortunate situation can make a significant difference in the days or weeks to come. Continue reading to learn five things you should do following a car accident.

1. Receive Necessary Medical Attention
Before anything else, be sure you and any passengers receive any necessary medical attention. Allow the paramedics who arrive at the scene to look everyone over, even if they feel okay.

There are several reasons you may feel fine but still be injured. The initial adrenaline rush from the stressful event can cause smaller aches and pains not felt right away. Paramedics are trained to look for any signs of trauma that you may miss.

2. Get the Other Person’s Information
So long as the accident wasn’t a hit and run, you’ll want to get the other person’s information. Remember to get the person’s car insurance information, as well as their name and contact details. Having this information on hand allows you to file a claim for damages.

3. Take Pictures
Take pictures of the crash scene with your phone, or have one of your passengers do it. If there are any questions about who was at fault, having pictures can help prove your innocence. These images can also help you receive the appropriate claim amount for the damages to your vehicle.

4. Cooperate With Police
When the police arrive at the scene, it’s critical you cooperate with them. Give a detailed account of what happened and answer any questions the officers have. Remember, always tell the truth, even if you were at fault.

5. Contact Your Lawyer
When you get home, or the following morning, you’ll want to contact your lawyer. Even if the accident doesn’t result in a lawsuit, your lawyer can help you navigate the insurance claims process. The claim process can be confusing at times, and having a professional on your side helps immensely.

Taking These Steps Is Critical
It’s critical to take the five steps outlined above. Doing so will ensure any necessary medical bills and car repairs are covered. It also helps provide you with all the information you need should a lawsuit result from the accident.

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