Injured by Fireworks?

As we approach summer and the Fourth of July festivities, fireworks take center stage in our national celebrations. While they can bring joy and excitement to these events, it’s crucial to understand the potential risks they pose. More than 10,000 fireworks-related injuries were treated in emergency rooms in the U.S. last year, including 11 fireworks-related deaths, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission

Fireworks can cause severe burns and injuries to the eyes, head, face, hands, and more. Consumer fireworks are illegal in New York City. “Every July 4th there are New Yorkers who end up in the hospital with serious injuries after setting off their own fireworks,” said Health Commissioner Dr. Ashwin Vasan. “Our city has the most dazzling July 4th fireworks displays in the world – but these events are put on by technical experts. Keep yourself and loved ones safe by leaving the fireworks to the professionals.”

In 2022, there were 38 firework-related emergency department visits, compared with an annual average 31 from 2017 to 2021. In 2022, 65% of these visits were among males, and 21% were among people between the ages of 15-24 years old. However, firework-related ED visits occurred among all ages – from 2 to 85 years old. Seventy-six percent of these visits happened during the holiday week — between July 2nd and July 8th.

This article delves into the dangers of mishandling or using defective fireworks, the liability for injuries, and the essential safety measures to adopt during this festive season.

Types of Fireworks Accidents

  • Firework accidents can lead to a variety of injuries, ranging from minor burns to more severe trauma. Common types of fireworks accidents include:
  • Burns and Scalds: Improper handling or malfunctioning fireworks can cause burns to the hands, face, or other body parts.
  • Eye Injuries: Flying debris or sparks can cause eye injuries, ranging from minor irritations to permanent vision loss.
  • Traumatic Injuries: Explosions or mishaps during fireworks displays can lead to more severe injuries such as fractures, concussions, or even traumatic brain injuries.
  • Fire Incidents: Errant fireworks can ignite fires in nearby structures, vegetation, or clothing, posing a danger to individuals and property.

Liability for Firework Injuries

Determining liability for firework-related injuries depends on the circumstances surrounding the incident:

  • Product Liability: If a firework is defective or malfunctions, resulting in injury, the manufacturer or distributor may be held liable for damages.
  • Negligence: Individuals who use fireworks carelessly or recklessly, causing harm to others, may be legally responsible for the injuries inflicted.
  • Public Displays: Organizers of public fireworks displays must ensure safety measures are in place to prevent harm to spectators and nearby residents.

Staying Safe During Fireworks Season

To minimize the risk of firework-related injuries and accidents, consider these safety tips:

  • Attend Public Displays: Opt for professionally organized fireworks displays rather than setting off fireworks at home.
  • Follow Instructions: If using consumer fireworks, carefully read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Keep Distance: Maintain a safe distance from fireworks during ignition and while they are active.
  • Protective Gear: Wear safety glasses and gloves when handling fireworks to protect against sparks and debris.
  • Supervise Children: Keep young children away from fireworks and closely supervise older children if they are allowed to use sparklers or similar items.
  • Designated Shooter: Designate one responsible adult to handle fireworks, avoiding alcohol consumption during use.

Fireworks can undoubtedly add to the joy of summer celebrations, but it’s essential to use them responsibly. By understanding the potential risks, we can be better prepared to enjoy them safely. Mishandling or defects can lead to severe injuries and legal repercussions. By knowing the liability and following safety guidelines, we can all contribute to a safe and enjoyable Fourth of July and summer season. Let’s prioritize safety and responsibility to maintain a festive atmosphere without compromising our well-being.


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