Involved in a Car Accident – Be Careful What You Sign

By beconrad

If you have recently been involved in a car accident, you are likely facing a flurry of paperwork, from police reports and witness statements to insurance forms and repair estimates. Many drivers simply want to get their cars back on the road as soon as possible and get back to their normal lives, but that can be a shortsighted and dangerous position. The truth is, there are steps you need to take in the days and weeks following a car accident. What you do – and do not do, during that critical time could mean the difference between compensation for your pain and suffering and nothing at all.

One of the most important things drivers who have been involved in an accident need to watch out for is a form from the insurance company. The insurance company that covers the other driver might send you a form to sign, claiming that the form is needed to start the claim process rolling and get your car fixed and back on the road. 

If you receive such a form, you should be extremely careful about signing it, since you could inadvertently be signing away important rights, including the right to recover for your medical expenses and pain and suffering. Many car insurance companies in the New York and Long Island areas will use this technique, and it is important for all car accident victims to be aware of this issue.

If you do receive a form from either your insurance company or the company covering the other driver, it is a good idea to have it reviewed by a personal injury law firm with experience in the New York and Long Island area. You should have the document reviewed even if you think you know exactly what it says. Even the most straightforward-looking insurance document could have hidden language that infringes on your right to sue or your right to collect for your pain and suffering, or even your medical expenses. Having the document reviewed by a good attorney can set your mind at ease that the form is safe to sign, or give you a heads up that the insurance company is trying to cover its tracks and infringe on your rights.

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