Should You Consult a Wrongful Death Attorney

By Chris Tobias

There are few things that can be said to be worse than the death of a family member. If the person’s death was caused by somebody else’s action or inaction, it may feel even worse, especially when the person’s death could have been avoided.

One way families in such situations can seek justice and closure is by filing a wrongful death claim. Is this something you should consider? Let’s look at the details of this type of legal action. 

What is a Wrongful Death?

Accidents take place, and in some instances, they turn out to be fatal. In an accident, there is usually no intention to kill a person. However, the law factors in more than intentions.

Many accidents take place as a result of the negligent behavior of individuals, businesses, or corporations. For example, a defective vehicle can cause a fatal car accident, as can a drunk driver. In both of these cases, the bereaved can file a wrongful death claim.

A wrongful death claim can also be filed against an individual when there was an intention to kill. This means there will likely be a civil and criminal case against the defendant.

Should You Consult an Attorney?

It’s tempting to go it alone; after all, the American legal system allows people to represent themselves in court. However, representing yourself when you don’t have a legal background is an uphill battle that you can easily lose. Even when there is overwhelming evidence supporting your claim, it’s important to know how to present this evidence in a manner that convinces the court. Additionally, it’s just as important to know how to handle evidence to avoid compromising it. 

Consulting with someone who has experience handling such cases is an easy step you can take to increase your odds of success. A wrongful death attorney can show you how to navigate the lawsuit, so you have a greater chance of succeeding. 

Do You Have a Case?

The bereaved may feel a sense of injustice in the wake of their loved one’s death; however, this doesn’t always mean that they have a case. It’s important to know whether you have sufficient grounds to file a wrongful death suit before you commit significant resources to the case. An attorney can go through the details of your case and quickly tell you whether you have a strong case or not. 

In short, if you have a strong case and are willing to work with an attorney to file it, consider starting a wrongful death claim. An attorney can give you more personalized feedback on whether you have a solid claim or not, and their initial consultation is free. So, if you are trying to make this decision, get in touch with an attorney to proceed. 

Legal Assistance

The lawyer you hire does make a difference. Knowledge, experience, and compassion are important factors to consider. Call the Personal Injury Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates at 855-768-8845 or visit to schedule an appointment.

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