Children & Car Accidents: Reducing the Risks!

According to statistics, car accidents are among the leading cause of deaths among children in the USA. About 45% of deaths among children are because of car accidents. What can you do if there is a car accident involving your child? During this difficult time, you need a strong advocate on your side like the attorneys at the Personal Injury Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates.

How can we deal with the greater risks that children face when it comes to car accidents? Child victims in car accidents can be placed in two categories. There are those who are passengers and there are those who are pedestrians. It is important to realize that a lack of precautionary measures has been the main reason for child victims of car accidents in both scenarios. Children need keen supervision whenever they are walking along the road, crossing a road or in any other situation where they are interacting with traffic. Further, they need to be looked after when in transit aboard a vehicle and the necessary precautions taken so as to ensure they remain safe under any circumstances.

For child pedestrians the following measures can help reduce the risk of accidents among children.

  1. Close supervision of children at all times when near a road.
  2. Training of children in road safety and teaching them safe road use.
  3. Educating drivers and other road users on “Child safe road use.”

Reducing the risk to child passengers can be done by taking the following steps.

  1. Always ensure that the child is safely secured in the vehicle.
  2. Discourage risky activities and play while on board a car.
  3. Avoid any showmanship and road rage as you drive because this will set a poor example for the children in your vehicle.
  4. Train the children on safety while on board a vehicle.

While these measures will not eliminate child victims of car accidents, they will greatly reduce the risk children face while traveling along the roads or when in a car.

What Can You Do?
A personal injury attorney specializes in helping victims obtain settlements by providing legal assistance and advice after a car crash. During this difficult time, you need a strong advocate on your side. The attorneys at the Personal Injury Law Firm of Figeroux & Associates possess a wide range of experience and the expertise needed to advocate for children who have been in car accidents. Call us at 855-768-8845 or schedule an appointment at

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