‘It’s not OK’: Apartment manager calls cops on Black resident to ‘see which apartment’ is his in viral TikTok

By Laiken Neumann, Daily Dot

In a viral TikTok video, an apartment manager calls the cops on a Black resident at the complex’s gym to make sure he lives there.

The resident, TikTok user @beautifulsoulsinnyc, began recording the incident as soon as the police introduced themselves to him.


@beautifulsoulsinnyc Building manager @HamiltonCoveapts called the cops on me for workout in the gym in a building where i live & pay rent at. #explain #thisisamerica #racism #discrimination #hate #stopthehate #blacklivesmatter #police #njpolice #newjersey #newjerseypolice #smh ♬ original sound – Mr. NYC

“So what happened, manager? You called the cops on me after what?” he says.

“I just wanted to see what apartment you’re in,” the manager responds.

The manager then says they’ve been asking every person in the gym which apartment is theirs to confirm that they live there. The resident claims he only saw them speak to the Black residents.

“You skipped the two white people that were here and you came straight to us,” he says.

“It’s OK,” one of the police officers says.

“It’s not OK. You don’t call the cops on residents. That’s not what you do,” the resident responds.

He then says the manager should have asked his boss what to do in this situation instead of calling the police.

“We’re here to make sure that you’re supposed to be here,” the police officer says.

The incident took place at Hamilton Cove apartments in Weehawken, New Jersey. The resident’s video received over 574,000 views in four days and caused outrage in the comments.

“So he called the cops instead of just saying, hello, I’m the manager. I haven’t met you yet, nice to meet you sir,” one user said.

“I am so tired of them telling us ITS OKAY.. CALM DOWN. NO! It’s not OK!” said another.

“There are people who live in complexes for years and up and decide to go to the gym one day. You gotta call the police on them?” a third said.

The Daily Dot reached out to user @beautifulsoulsinnyc via TikTok comment and Hamilton Cove apartments via email.

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