Free Consultations for Workers with Long-Haul COVID-19 to File Workers’ Compensation Claims

Workers who believe they contracted COVID-19 due to exposure at work, especially those suffering from ongoing long-haul symptoms, have rights and can file for workers’ compensation claims. There may be both cash and medical benefits that you can receive. With the pandemic into nearly two years, many hardworking New Yorkers are still experiencing long-haul COVID19 symptoms that adversely impact their health, general wellbeing, and capability to provide for themselves and their families.

If you are still suffering from the lasting effects of this horrible virus, know that there is help. Get a FREE consultation to understand your rights and help you need to file a workers’ compensation claim. Individuals with a work-related injury or illness have two years from the date of becoming injured or ill to file a workers’ compensation claim. Remember, the deadline is fast approaching for workers who contracted COVID-19 due to their employment in the early days of the pandemic, so take advantage now and call 855-768-8845 (For English) or 800-470-6113 (For Spanish) or visit to schedule an appointment.

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