Common Problems When Dealing with a Workers’ Compensation Claim

By Jared Richardson

Workers’ compensation can be incredibly helpful if you were injured on the job, but that is only when it works out in your favor. Some claims are rejected, while others are accepted, yet not every successful claim results in the injured party getting the benefits that they need and deserve. If you are considering a workers’ comp claim and are worried about possible problems that you may encounter during the process, here are several common questions and answers:

What if your claim is rejected?
Many individuals worry about what would happen if their claim were rejected, but there is fortunately a system in place that can assist with that. There is an appeal process that allows individuals to strengthen their cases and ask for approval again, which means that you will be able to include any details that you may have missed the first time around. Furthermore, the denial of your claim should be accompanied by specific reasoning as to what went wrong and what you might be able to do in the appeal to change the ruling. If you feel that your claim was rejected unfairly, then it might be time to get some legal help and hire an employment lawyer to assist you.

What if you don’t get your benefits in a timely fashion?
If your claim was granted, but your benefits aren’t arriving as quickly as they should, then you may need to take legal action to speed up the process. However, benefits are divided into two separate categories, so it’s important to understand how they are different and how that might affect the problems that you are experiencing. Firstly, you have medical benefits, which should be granted immediately. As long as you have properly documented the entire process and filled out a workers’ comp claim as early as possible, your medical bills should be covered. In many cases, medical benefits are granted before a ruling is even made on the claim. Secondly, you have non-medical benefits, which are not quite as immediate. These benefits often become available after your claim is granted and you fill out some additional paperwork, which means that it can take weeks or even months to start receiving non-medical benefits.

How can you maximize your chances of getting a successful claim?
Ultimately, your best course of action is going to be to talk to a lawyer that is specialized in the field. Not only can they help you understand the law and what you are required to do in a workers’ comp claim, but they can also help you get a better idea of just how strong your case is and how much you stand to win. If you aren’t sure that you want to commit to a lawyer and the fees that such a course of action would entail, then you can probably get a free consultation to determine the best course of action and whether you even need serious legal aid in the first place.

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